Fatal Instinct

All the runways are on fire.
Damn it.
Honey, why don't you
take the train?

You know how I feel
about riding trains.

Sweetie, it's
just a short trip.

Yeah, it is a short trip.
Just a short trip to hell
in a metal tomb.

Sweetheart, just because
both your parents...

died in a train wreck.
And my two sisters.
I know.
And your brother Morty.

My best friend Al...
My dog Woof
and my uncle Lionel--

all killed by trains.
Do you honestly think
that you can bring them back...

by not riding on a train?
I can't bring them back.
I'll call a cab.
You're sure?
It's OK, because we'll never
make it to the station.

By the time a cab gets here,
it's gonna be too late.

Come in.
Hi. I was
in the neighborhood.

Thought I'd stop by
and pick up my tools.

Say, Frank can drive you.
Can't you, Frank?
Sure. I'll take you
to the train station.

12 minutes.
We'll never make it.

We'll make it, baby.
No! A detour!