You're acquainted with Abraham.
He is the very best of our trustees.
I have written some exceIIent paroIe
reports, but in aII honesty, -

- I don't know what I wouId do
if he were to Ieave us.

John Brennick ...
The most decorated captain
in the history of the bIack beret.

Yet you quit in disgrace,
didn't you?

- You Iost an entire pIatoon.
- That's no business of yours!

So touchy.
I suppose that's understandabIe.

But stiII ...
WouId you want to Iose
this particuIar former soIdier?

We caught her before she reached
the far side of the bridge.

The Iaw is cIear:
One chiId per woman.

We Iive on a very smaII
and fragiIe pIanet.

We must maintain
the popuIation baIance.

Abortion is iIIegaI and that
Ieaves onIy one aIternative.

She is so beautifuI.
- Intestinate, Karen Brennick.
- lntestination commencing.

- You bastard!
- Zed ...

I don't think you reaIise
your predicament, Brennick.

You have nothing.
You have nowhere to hide.

You are nothing.