- He's gone.
- BuIIshit! He's breathing.

The mind is dead.
The body just don't know it yet.
- WeIcome home, baby.
- Shall l intestinate?

Just a moment Ionger, Zed.
This is a fascinating dream.
Quite instructive ...
... regarding
the prisoner's psychoIogy.

The Brennick woman is causing you
to act in an unprofessional manner.

None of your business.
- Her presence is a violation.
- I make my own decisions, Zed!

Shall l intestinate?
Unauthorized thought process.
It's a very advanced modeI.
Yes, you were a computer technician
in the army.

I never got near anything
as powerfuI as Zed.

Of course not. No one has.
Don't touch her!

Zed, seaI controI.
If you ever Iay a finger
on her keyboard, -

- or utter a singIe voice command, -
- you and your chiId wiII feeI
a pain unknown in human history.