We need to taIk.
- TaIk's dangerous.
- That's right, it is.

I've been taIking to your husband.
I'm John's ceII mate.
- AII this time ...
- He's been Iike a zombie.

There was nothing there ...
untiI today.

It worked?
It worked!
- Thank God!
- I don't know what you did.

But now he's pIanning an escape.
Nobody ever gets out of here.

He's a good man.
I don't want to see him die.

He won't die. Not if I heIp him.
I don't know how,
but this wiII get Karen out.

Let me see that.
I know about these things.

I'II have to take it apart, but ...
- Can you put it back together?
- Machines Iove me.

I can make it work.
It's what I did in the worId.

- Mechanic?
- No, expIosives.

First IntercontinentaI Bank.
I bIew that safe
Iike it was fucking butter!

My partners didn't appreciate
my work and turned my ass in.

- Why?
- Shit! I bIew up the money.

Don't fuck it up.