This thing is amazing!
She's beautifuI!

This thing is a working genius.
Look at this.

This is a series of micros.
That's your pain mode.

This is a macro. That kiIIs you.
This IittIe thing on top,
that's your nerve cIip.

I need you to put it back together.
- I'm working on it.
- And get it out of me.

I may be abIe
to cause you to throw it up ...

... but this bitch
is highIy sensitive.

We're taIking TNT on PMS.
- CouId it kiII me?
- Definite possibiIity.

- Find another way.
- Maybe there is no other way.

Wrong answer. Try again.
- If I get it ...
- When you get it.

When I get it,
I'm going with you, man.

I'm having fun. I'm enjoying myseIf.
You know how Iong it's been
since I had any fun?

- Going out won't be fun.
- No, but it'II be a trip.

Just take it to him.
Just? Fuck the dumb shit.
That is a pretty big ''just''.

I know it's dangerous,
but I'm asking you anyway.