Say I don't get mind-wiped.
What's going to happen to my paroIe?

There's no paroIe. You hoId onto
that hope because you're a man.

You keep something inside of you,
but this is a chance to fight back.

Fight for who?
You? Your husband?

I've never begged before in my Iife.
PIease, Abraham?
If you won't do this for me,
do this for my baby.

- I've got to get this back.
- What is it?

Have you never seen
a hoIographic Iens before?

The onIy probIem is we need a Iaser
to make this thing work.

- We've got a Iaser.
- You stick your hand in there.

We need something to hoId it.
Wait a minute. Take that.
We've got something.

I'II be goddamned!
Look ... this couId be a way out.
- HoId it steady.
- Sorry, this thing's heating up.

This is the construction area.
We go in this heating pipe.

It feeds into this utiIity shaft
which goes aII the way up ...

If we don't get that, we're dead.
Fuck the Iens, I need my gIasses.