Geronimo: An American Legend

To an Apache, stillness is a pleasure.
It's something they're taught
while they're young.

Helps someone who may have to
hide and wait.

What's he singing about?
Trying to locate Geronimo.
Says he'Il be here tomorrow.
On a white horse.
Superstitious, aren't they?
$5 says he rides in here on a white horse.
Just because the medicine man says so?
You've got a bet, Lieutenant.
These scouts that we have with us,
they're Apache.

Why would they work for the Army?
Fight their own kind?

There are lots of different Apache tribes
that don't much like each other.

Most of all,
Apache go where the best fight is.

It's a morality, once you understand it.
All right, l'Il see your $2...
...and l'Il raise you $1 .
Lieutenant, just curious:
are you a family man?

I have a son and a daughter.
They and my wife are back in Virginia.
-You must miss them.
-Every hour of every day.