Geronimo: An American Legend

That he is calling for a return
to the war trail.

It was told by a medicine man...
...many more Apache would die
fighting White-Eye.

And in the end...
...we will win because we will die
free of them.

Is the only way for an Apache to be free...
:31:30 die?
Well, which medicine man is this?
I should talk to him.

Find out what he's saying.
There are many.
Some have the power.
Some just talk.
He's a warrior.
Every bit born in battle.
Fighting a lost cause.
I'm familiar with the type.
My two older brothers and my father
fought for the Army of Northern Virginia.

My oldest brother was killed.
My father was wounded, crippled.
After the war, he took me aside and said,
'You'Il carry the new flag.'

Sent me off to the Academy.
First of my family
north of the Mason-Dixon line.

So, like our friend,
I know what it's like to hate the blue coat.

Before the White-Eye came
we had a good life.

Now we are forced to stay
on this tiny piece of land.

The White-Eye do not understand
the way of the Apache.

The medicine man at Cibecue
is called the Dreamer.

He says the dead chiefs will rise.
He says the Apache
are the true keepers of the land.