Heaven & Earth

You don't need money in America.
You just give this piece of paper
to the bank and the bank pays.

They don't get it.
I do.
We'll lick them together.
We'll lick them together.
Thank you, Lord,
for watching over us all this year...

...and for these things
for which we are grateful.

I met her on a Danang street corner.
Her girlfriend tried to rip me off.
I had one like that in Okinawa.
She had thighs as plump as that turkey,
cracked coconuts with them.

Wait, it's not what you think.
I chased her like a starving ARVN
hunting for a grain of rice.

Don't run off with your dirty mind.
Don't get a headache.
You and me are peas in a pod.
Oriental women...

...will tell you anything you want to hear.
But if you believe it,
I'll be the first to salute you.

What are you saying?
Oriental women are very loyal.

Have a drink. All I'm trying to say is,
more power to you, buddy.

Come on, Ly, it's Thanksgiving.
You can eat.

Think of the starving children in Vietnam.
Leave her alone.
She always eats like a sparrow.

Rice and fish, fish and rice...
...that's all the kids ever get.
They're starving for meat and potatoes.

Give her a break. She can't eat
for her whole damn country.

I want her to know we're being generous.
I want her to be grateful.

Grateful. Let me tell you about grateful.