Hot Shots! Part Deux

Stop it!

-What are you doing here?
-This is Bench Press, our contact.

-I didn't know.
-Do you know each other?

Yes. Yes, we do.
It's been a long time.
-Let's see, the last time we met...
-Was The Flurvian Sea.

-You remember?
-I remember every detail.

The sky was blue. You wore gray.
I was in chiffon.

Topper, there's so much to say.
You're as beautiful as the day you dumped me.
You've changed.
That beauty mark.
It was a... It's a gift.
It's all very touching,
but this is no time to reminisce.

We have to be at the rendezvous point
in seven hours or we miss our pickup.

It's your show, hero.
Let's move out.
Follow me.
We're late. I know a shortcut.
-The meat's smoking.
-Shut up.

-No, no. Let's take it off the grill.
-Leave me alone.

-Frank, you're drunk again.
-Whose fault is that?

This is the best way
to the prison compound.

They're used to seeing fishing boats,
so they won't be suspicious.

There are clothes in the wheelhouse.
Somebody once wrote, “Hell is
the impossibility of reason. “

That's what this place
feels like. Hell.