In the Line of Fire

- I'll go with you.
- No. Go hug your wife and kid.

I was not snooping,
but the smoke alarm was going off.

I got scared.
I got more scared
when I saw what was inside.

The smoke was from crumbs
in the oven he left on.

31 years I've been in this country.
I love the United States.
I've been to the White House.

Only in the United States can just
anybody go to visit the President.

So when I saw this,
these killing things...

...I called the police.
They called the Secret Service.

That was two days ago.
The President gets 1,400 threats
a year. We've got to check them all.

- You say his name's McCauley?
- No, McCrawley, from Denver.

I remember it like yesterday.
I cried and cried.