In the Line of Fire

"Microspan Corporation. "
What kind of business are you in?

- Software.
- Up in San Jose?

I'm based there,
but I'm opening an office in L.A.

You're not from San Jose?
Where are you from?

- Minneapolis.
- You're kidding! So am I.

Well, it's a small world.
I hated the winters.
I used to stay in and pig out.

- What high school did you go to?
- New Brighton High school.

- There isn't any New Brighton.
- There was when I was there.

Well, maybe I'm just confused.
It happens a lot.

- There was a school across from...
- I'm late, will this take long?

Not at all, just another minute.
Thank you.
- You have a very pleasant manner.
- Thank you, Mr. Carney.

How would you like
to give a colleague a ride home?

- Why do you keep flirting with me?
- Am I?

- You know it can't go anywhere.
- That's why I do it.

Come on, I'll buy you an ice cream.
No further obligations.

- How many female agents are there?
- About 125.