In the Line of Fire

- You must be Sandy Riggs.
- So you really do exist.

- I'm very much human.
- Let's go up to the bar.

- When does the President arrive?
- Tomorrow, before dinner.

Here's an invitation. Don't lose it.
The Secret Service is acting crazy.

You've got a great seat,
just across from the President.

So what is Microspan Corporation
all about?

I just came to meet the President.
I won't bore you with business.

I don't blame you.
I don't understand high-tech.

I can't wait to introduce you.
Look at this beautiful view.

Yes, very pretty.
Give me the list of dinner guests.
Who was the organizer?

Sanford Riggs
of the California Victory Fund.

Call LAPD and make sure
they have no uniforms missing.

- It's been taken care of.
- Call the hospital about blood.

Your average American businessman
who looks at product marketing...

...sees the length and width of it.
The Japanese see the depth.

We plan the next fiscal quarter.
They plan the next quarter century.

- Our people don't understand that.
- Mr. Riggs, can I talk to you?

- Who's that?
- Secret Service agent.

- Do you know all these people?
- I sure do.

- How about these pictures here?
- I went through all this yesterday.

I'll cooperate, but this is
bordering on harassment.

I'm a harassing kind of guy.