In the Name of the Father

I'd like to put in an application
to get all my teeth extracted.

That way I could put my fist in my mouth
and never speak another word of English.

Do you see what I'm saying?
Mrs Peirce, is it?

Are you trying to impress me?
Visit's up.
Don't give my father
false hope, all right?

You've got to help him!
In prison, you pray for anything
to break the monotony.

A snowstorm is like
apresent from God.

Prison of icers are not to be hit!
You've asked for it.
Come along!
After the riot, my father's
health deteriorated badly.

He couldn't make it down
the stairs to enjoy the snow.

I wavedup to him, but he
was looking at something else.

My da always saw the good
in people.

He recognized it in you
the minute he saw you, Gareth.

Guv, guv, where you going?
Where's me letters? Guv'nor!

Thank you.
I see you've been mentioned
in Congress, Giuseppe.

What's that?
How'd you come by that name?
An Italian ice cream maker.
Had a shop on the corner
of the street where I was born.

Giuseppe Fusco.
My mother fell in love
with the name.

Were they--
- You know.
- What?

- Lovers.
- Who?

My mother and the ice cream maker?