Into the West

What's going on?
Word is sitting bull's headed this
way to join the renegades in the badlands.

We'll be ready for him.
I caution you against any supply trips
through standing rock in the
next few days, mr. Wheeler.

Why is that?
General miles has authorized
sitting bull's arrest.

Wouldn't it be better
to wait till ration day?

The fewer of his people around,
less cause there'll be for a disagreement.

Sitting bull's actions require
his immediate apprehension.

Well, could be just rumor.
Whatever the people of
the press are telling you.

I provide you this information
with regard to your own safety, mr. Wheeler.

What you wish to do with
it is not my concern.

Take it.
I can'T.
You are false to your people
if you do not wear the ghost shirt.

This way is the way to death, red lance.
Maybe we can find our own road.
Maybe we can find our own destiny again.
What are you doing?
You have too many wasichu ways.
You even think like a wasichu!
You play the savage for money, red lance!
Not me!