Into the West

The skies...
have been dark ever since the war came.
We want to take good
tidings home to our people.

I want...
all the chiefs of the soldiers
to understand that we are for peace.

That we may not be mistaken
by them for the enemy.

Governor evans and colonel
chivington have heard your words.

The governor and the father of all white
men in this territory will now speak to you.

We cannot live together on this land.
The war among the whites is nearly through.
The great father will have
nothin' to do with his soldiers

except send them out after the indians.
Your people must make their peace with us.
I have done my best...
to keep my young men quiet,
but they do not always listen.
Well, by their rebellion,
they seek to help the great
co-traitors who make war on us.

We do not fight the white man's war.
All cheyenne...
have ears open.
White antelope proud to see all
white chiefs of this country.

Since I go washington
and receives this medal...