Into the West

listen to this:
"General george armstrong custer,
"dressed in a dashing suit of buckskin, "
is prominent everywhere,
"taking in everything connected
with his command with the keen,"

incisive manner for which
he is so well known. "

Ha ha!Yeah, well, ain't
every command's got its own

pet newspaper man tagging along.
I want you, reno, and benteen to
follow their trail up the rosebud.

Gibbon and I will march up the yellowstone
to a blocking position here
at the mouth of the little bighorn.

Now don't be greedy, custer.
There's indians enough for all of us.
Wait for us.
No, I don't think I will.
Answer me something.
If you think custer's so infernal bad,
why do you ride with him?
It's better to know a devil
and confound his purpose

than to just leave him be.
The vision of sitting bull
inspired many warriors
to leave the reservation.

They pledged themselves to the
death to defend the sacred paha sapa.

Sitting bull moved the people
to the banks of the river
called "the greasy grass,"

where the game was plentiful.
There the warriors readied themselves.
They waited for the day the
sky would rain long knives.

What did you see, mr. Wheeler?
More than i could count, sir.
Looked like a brown wave across the hills,