Jurassic Park

-Hold on.
-What's happening?

Hold on.
Make it stop.
What happen to them?
l don't know.
-We're gonna crash.
-No, we are not.

We're gonna crash.
l'm going to take this tools.
Let go the rope.
Let go the rope!

Move your hands.
Come on. Keep...
Let go!
lt's gonna be okay.
Actually Charlie that doesn't hurt.
They won't really be fighting each other.
But these one here are Corythosaurus.
They really like fighting
with each other.

They use their teeth and their claws
to rip each other's jaws out.

Alan, he's three.
Let's wait until he is five.

Right. Sorry, Charlie.

lt's Tom again.
He says he has to talk
to you about the last chapter.

Just tell him l am not gonna to
lose the Jack Corner Club.

Hey, look who's here?
This is Alan.
Nice to meet you, Alan.
This is Hylaeosaurus.
That's the dinosaur man.

Dinosaur man?
Jack, say my name.
ls my name Alan?

ls my name Alan?
He used to know me.