Jurassic Park

Here you go.
So you know Mark is going to
work with the State Department now.

What do you do, Mark?
lt's international relation most.
Somethings like that.
l'll get her.
You guys...
You guys have a little chat.

He's a great guy.
So what are you working on now?
Raptors mostly.
My favourite.
Do you remember the sounds
they made?

l try not.
all the theories are about
raptors intelligence,

what are they capable of?
We work even close.
Tell me.
We did plenty of scan
on the raptors skeleton.

We find out it looks like a very
sophisticated resonating chamber.

Wait a second.
So we were right?

l mean they had even living vocalise.
l'm convince they had the
key of social intelligence.

Which explains why they work
together as a team.

And co-ordinate they attacks.
And they probably know
what is going on.

They could talk to each other.
To agree, we could never imagine.
Ellie, they were smart.
They were smarter than
dolphins or whales.

They were smarter than primates.
l just want to say l'll be ready
to help with anything.

Someday if you want to ask,
you can call me.

Anything. Anytime.
You're still the best.
l mean it.
The last in my breed.
So the basic study about the
interior chamber,

and most of these specimens.
They begin to determine
the exciting color relation

between the upper-pales
and the leerings.

This lead us theorise the raptors.
Which are capable of
sophisticated vocalizations