Jurassic Park

All the incident in San Diego
which l did not witness.

Yes, sir.
Your theory on raptors is good.
But isn't it a conjecture kind of mood?

l mean once the UN in Costa Rica
and everyone decides

how to handle that second island,
scientists will just go in
and look for themselves.

Dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago.
What is left of them is
fossilise in the rocks.

And this in the rock,
that real scientists make
real discovery.

Now what John Hammand and
lngen in the Jurassic Park

is created genetically engineered
theme park monsters.

Nothing more and nothing less.
Are you saying that you don't want
to get to lsla Sorna and study them

if you have the chance?
No force on earth or heaven.
Forget beyond that island.
So what we got here?
20 million gas operator
sending out in a minute.

Gunship, magazine, third routine
and both our clothes cope with
reducing muscles...

Here, Udesky.
Yes, sir.
We are going to get here.

The matter of fact is
you knock things down

as soon as you bought me
that thing.

Well, that's right.
There are two of the best
man that l would find.

No, sir.
l've not worked with them personally.

But believe me, sir.
These men come very
highly recommended.