Jurassic Park

we have the permission to fly low.

How low?
Haven't issue yet.
But l can fly lower than anybody else.
l can tell you.

From what l understand,
l understand...

This is what we want.
You see,
through my business dealing,
import and export.

Emerging market.
l have
a lot of friends in high level.

ln that case,
Costa Rica we can go in.

Dr Grant,
you have no idea
how this important to us
that you come along.

This will be all the difference.
Mrs Kirby, l...
And of course we love to make
a contribution to your research here.

l can write all kind of numbers
on this check, Dr Grant.

Tell me.
What's this gonna take?
No way.
This one is lucky.

A couples years ago,
some parties in lsland hand
gladding these cleaves in museum.

And it's big up draught come in
and swipe me right across the sign.

Well, it does sound like.
This strap saved my life.
l got hook on the rock
when l was falling.

Survivor are the most idiotic.
thank you for bringing me along.

The bones will still be
there when you get back.

This is the great thing about
bones that they don't run away.

The truth is,
you got me into this.

l've no intention of being
on my own with these people.

Don't get too excited, Billy.
Chances are once here think.
Good time to be nice.
Awake me when we get there.