Jurassic Park

We did it, honey.
We are here.

lf you see anything,
yell up.

l thought of keep it to myself.
l'm sorry.
Everyone, if you could
look out the left of the plane.

You can see a whole curf
of Brachiosaurus.

ln fact you could see the front of
the group alpha male grazing there.

Udesky, Nash.
How about the front?

You guys see anything?
Nothing yet,
Mr Kirby.

Mrs Kirby, look.
Out here you'll see a group
of Triceratops...

Mr. Kirby, we have to land
in strip down ahead.

You want me to put it down?
No. No.
l told you on a circle
to see the whole island.

You have been set down.
We can't land here.

What are you talking about?
-Hold on, l can explain.
-You cannot land on this island.

lt's gonna be fine.
Everybody sit down.
Would you please sit down...
Tell me we didn't land.
l think they are looking for someone.
Dr Grant, are you alright?
l'm sorry we have to be so...

Who hit me?
That will be cooper.
What are they doing?
They are setting up a parameter.
Then we could play safe.

These guys are good.
Trust me. ln this island,
there is no such thing as safe.

We must get back to that plane.
Could you ask your wife
stop making up that noise?

That is a very, very bad idea.
Amanda, honey, Dr Grant says
that is a bad idea.

He says it's a bad idea!
What's about idea?
What was that?
lt's a tyrannosaurus.
l don't think so.
lt sounds bigger.