Jurassic Park

He said we needed someone who
had been on island before?

Yes. But l did not tell
you to kidnap somebody.

l have never been on this island.
Sure you have.
You wrote that book.

That is lsla Nublar.
This is lsla Sorna.

You mean there are two islands
with dinosaurs?

You stay out of this.
So how long have he been missing?
-8 weeks.
-Almost 8 weeks.

Billy, now go back to plane
and set a camp.

And we make for the coast.
Dr Grant,
we are not leaving
this island without our son.

You can go on and look for him.
Or you can stick with us
as long as you don't hold us up.

Either way,
you probably won't
get out of this island alive.

So? What do we do?
Go and search for your son.
That's the direction they are going.
That's the one. Excellent.
Oh, sorry. Sorry.
lt's nothing you haven't seen before.
How much weight did you lose?
About 25 pounds!
l've been swimming.

l hate to swim.
And l don't even know how to swim.

l learned.
-You look good.
-So are you.

How would you classify, Billy?
lt's a super predator.