Jurassic Park

l think bigger.
Not on that cell.
Spinosaurus stick up with this.
l don't remember that
on lngen's list.

Because it wasn't on there,
unless it makes them wonder
what they are up to.

So, Mr Kirby, tell me.
When you climbed K2,
did you based camp at
25,000 or 30,000 feet?

30,000 feet.
We were pretty close to the top.

lt is above 30,000 feet,

No. No.
That's a common mistake.

Mr Kirby,
there is no such thing
as Kirby Enterprise, isn't?

There's Kirby Painting Tile and Plus.
The Plus stands for bathroom fixtures.
We're in the
West Case Shopping Centre...

l suppose we don't check
you out or anything...

Now, listen to me.
l'll pay you the money...

-This is good.
-No matter what.

We are in worst place on
the world, we are not being pay.

Alright, now wait.
Fellows, hold on.

l'll make this up to you.
lf you ever do a bathroom
or a kitchen...

You are not really a mercenary,
are you?

l never said l was.
That's true.
What are you?

l'm like a booking agent.
Guys who got sick count on me.
Here. See we are now
in a hardware store.

Pay in title, yeah.
You never can tell about people,
do you?

You get the truth.
Would you stop that?
Dr Grant said this is a
very dangerous territory.

Maybe we should split up
or something, you know?

We could cover twice as much
of the island.

Dr Grant says that is a bad idea.
Dr Grant...
Dr Grant says this...

What's the good of hiring an expert
if we are not going to use his advice.

Yeah. Except Dr Grant
isn't looking for Eric.