Jurassic Park

Now it all make sense.
l swear if l know you're
gonna end up with them.

l took them on an impose.
l thought that the door

with the fortune are enough for the
things l obtain 10 more years.

But you have to believe me
this was a stupid decision.

But l did it with the best intentions.
With the best intentions...
Some other worst things imaginable
have been done with the best intentions.

Come on, Billy.
As far as l concern, you are

not better than the people
who built this place.

What are you doing?
Those things are after us
because of those.

Those things know we have the eggs.
l drop them into the river.
They will still be after us.
What if they catch us with them?
What if they catch us without them?
There is a boat at the bottom,
just down the river.

We try to make to
the coast, at least.