La Estrategia del caracol

I know I'm asking the impossible,
but I'm giving you one more chance.
The eviction will be a month from now.
You evict three days from now!
We'll have to talk to the judge.
Good. Arrange a lunch date or something.
Remember: time is money.
What is it?
I have news.
Not now.
Don Mauro. - Not now.
Shoe-shine, Sir?
You want to earn a few pesos?
No. I'll look somewhere else.
Thank you, I'll wait.
Who is Don Mauro?
What are you doing here? Beat it!
I have a message for Don Mauro.
Which one's Don Mauro? - Me.
A man said to tell you a blond
is waiting for you at the Roma.
If you're not there soon, she'll be gone.
All right. Now get lost!
Coffee, Doctor? - Yes, thanks, Yolandita.
I'm the blond.
You lousy cur,
you've tricked me again.
What else could I do?
Mosquera wants an earlier eviction.
Right now they're
setting a date.
For when?
Tomorrow they'll ask us to get out.