La Estrategia del caracol

Justo, moving at night
is against the law.
We have to be careful.
The more moves, the more risks we run.
A miracle!
Dr. Romero, a miracle!
What's going on here?
Any idea?
No, none.
But if this becomes a shrine for pilgrims,
we'll all end up in hell.
That's just a humid spot.
For me it's a message,
a very clear message!
The Lord sent me his Holy Mother
in answer to my question.
God does not want me to leave here.
Dona Trina, I beg you to use
the utmost discretion.
This phenomenon and everything
about our plan must remain secret.
No one must hear about them.
But I must tell my confessor.
It will remain secret.
I don't know what to say.
All right, tell the priest.
On your knees!
On your knees, all of you!