Les Visiteurs

What are you up to?
I Was praying for his salvation.
Where is my father's wizard?
I found him.
He lives yonder,
not far from here.

But they say he's senile.
I can make your Duke live again.
But you must know
no fear.

Only God can do that!
You are right.
Only God can bring back the dead.

But there is another way.
Time is a mountain,
pierced by many hidden tunnels.

My magic spells can
give you access to them.

Meet Angueran.
Scarface Angueran.
At your service.

And my loyal Ganelon.
You shall return
just before the Duke's death.
If you find
enough force in yourself...

you will be able
to change the course of the arrow.

You'll wed your betrothed,
and have the lineage you desire.
It's sheer lunacy!
Where is my powder of leech?
I haven't done this in ages.
I'm a bit rusty.

He's senile!
Here it is.
If you fear not,
Godefroy the Hardy, drink.
You'll arrive in the forest
just before the accident.

Don't trust the old fool!
If sire Godefroy doesn't return,
We'll lock you in his dungeon

With your Book of spells.
Trust me.
Don't drink it, sire.
You'll turn into a frog,

or a bat, or a goat,
or a nun's ass.