Manhattan Murder Mystery

- Larry. I just saw Mrs. House.
- What are you talking about? The ashes?

A bus passed me and she was on it.
The dead woman passed you on a bus?
The bus to heaven?

I'm not joking. I'm telling you,
I really saw her. I actually saw her.

You wanna lie down for a while?
Cold compress or hot compress...

I was at the wine tasting, right?
And I was sitting at a bay window.

I happened to look out. A bus passed,
and she was on it, Larry...

Yes, remember I said to you,
spit it out?

You said you were going
to taste wine all afternoon?

You swallowed it.
That's why you're this way.

Yeah, I had a few drinks, but...
I saw her.

Yeah, I'm sure you saw her. How could
you? She's dead. And cremated.

Are you telling me that
I didn't see her? Is that it?

I think it's a fair assumption that if
a person is dead, they don't turn up.

I just don't know
what's happening, Larry.

What's going on? Let me put it this way.
Total psychotic breakdown. Okay?

Maybe she's a twin.
Now, forget this.

Tell me if I put in too much fudge
in my casserole.

You're getting so close-minded
these days. I just... Oh, God.

- Hello? Ted.
- Ted.

You're not going to believe this,
but I saw Mrs. House.

Yeah, Mrs. House.
The murdered woman. Right.

She wasn't murdered. It was a coronary.
I don't know what she's talking about.

No, I'm sure I saw her.
She was on a bus.

I saw her just moments after you left.
Right. He was at the wine tasting too.
Sure, why not.

Would you? Great. Run a check
on Paul and Lillian House...

Don't run a check. Can you call back?
My marriage is falling apart.

If you're gonna have an affair,
you don't need a murder to do it.

I'm telling you, I saw Mrs. House.
Yes, I know. On the dead persons' bus.
Now, sit down.

I can show you the exact spot, Larry.