Mr. Jones

Thank you. Thank you very much,
Your Honour.

Continue, Dr. Bowen.
I think that his judgement is impaired
and that he is a danger to himself.

In what way?
The manic state is usually followed
by depression.

What are the symptoms of depression?
Hopelessness. Despair.
The inability to experience pleasure,
the inability to function.

Mr. Jones?
"Despair". "Hopelessness".
"The inability to experience pleasure".
Now, Doctor...
are these words and phrases that come...
spontaneously to you
when you look at me?

Are they? I don't think so.
I deeply respect Dr. Bowen.
She is a wonderful doctor.

I respect her and her advice,
but I graciously say no.

No, thank you.
The fact is, that the doctor and the other
fine healers have decided that I'm bipolar...

and this is without regard to the fact
that they have not one shred of evidence.

They've never observed me
once have a depressive symptom.

- Is that not true?
- Yes.

Thank you very much. Now, the fact is,
maybe I never get the blues.

Maybe I'm just a happy-go-lucky guy
all the time.

Your Honour, the truth is,
this is a very simple case.

If we go to the issues and see the case
on its merits, it's very simple.

Now the fact is
I'm a productive human being.

Last year in this country alone...
over 75,000 people suffering
from depression killed themselves.

Your Honour? Your Honour,
will you please look at me?

Do I look suicidal?
What do you have to say
about these incidents...

that Dr. Bowen mentioned?
Like the flying scam? I talked about it.
This is not a big deal!
This is nothing! It's kid's stuff!