An' if 'e turns up, I'll keep 'im 'ere until you get back
I'm fuckin' starvin'.
D'you wanna get somethin' to eat?
He's got all money, hasn't 'e?
- Who? Laughing Boy?
- Aye.

Well, I've got a few bob on me.
And what if he comes back when noone's here?
We'll leave 'em a note
He'll no be able to read it.
Well, we'll get 'im on his bleeper - come on
Can you feel all those vibrations?
Just stand still a minute, love. Try and feel it through your feet.
D'you not get all those tremblin's and rumblin's comin' up through your bones?
Not really, no.
D'you not get like a sense of, like, a whole other world underneath all this?
You know like the guts of London?
What with all the tube trains and everything, the city's viscera and the subterranean fuckin'
fistulas and conduits and colons and bunkers
and dungeons and tombs an' all that?
What about Hell? And the sewers, like?
- You know that wherever you are in London, you're only 30 feet away from a rat?
- Aye?

- Does that freak you out?
- Nah.

- D'you believe in hell?
- Aye.

- So, d'you believe in the devil?
- Aye.

What d'you think 'e looks like?
Looks like that, doesn' 'e?
What, a little nudist homunculus with a pink quiff?
No, 'e looks like a snake
Let's 'ave a look at that
It's Archie, isn't it?
It's my good-luck charm
'As he brought you much?
Has it fuck.
- Are you superstituous?
- No

What d'you wear a good-luck charm for, then?
Are we gonna get something to eat or what?
Have you ever seen a dead body?
Only me own.
Where was you thinkin' to sleepin' tonight?
Where did you kip down last night?