Downstairs you were predicting the end of the world.
Now you're talking about the future.
How do you explain that, eh?
When it comes, the Apocalypse itself
will be part of the process of that leap of evolution.
Yeah, well, whatever happens, mankind will not cease to exist.
He must. By the very definition of Apocalypse, Mankind must cease to exist,
at least in a material form.
What d'you mean, in a material form?
Well, 'e'll evolve.
What into?
Into something that transcends matter.
Into a species of pure thought. Are you with me?
Yeah. Like a ghost.
No, not like a fuckin' ghost, you big girl's blouse!
Into something that's, like, well beyond our comprehension.
Into a universal consciousness,
Into God. Who is.
By the same principle that time is.
You don't believe in God.
'Course I believe in God.
You see... The thing is, Brian
that God is a hateful God.
Must be, because if God is good,
then why is there evil in the world?
Why is there pain and hate and greed and war?
It doesn't make sense.
But if God is a nasty bastard, then you can say, why is there good in the world?
Why is there love and hope and joy?
Well, let's face it, good exists
in order to be fucked up by evil.
The very existence of good enables evil to flourish.
Therefore, God is bad.
And it doesn't matter how many past or future existences you have,
because they're all going to be riddled with grief and anguish
and sickness and death.
You see Brian, God doesn't love you.
God despises you.
So there's no hope.
Mankind is just a component of the device
by which the devil creates itself.