For services rendered
Fuck off!
'Oo's your friend?
'E's the landlord, in''e?
'Oose landlord?
Our fuckin' landlord
- Oh, get out o'town!
- Ask 'im

What you wearin' Sandra's uniform for?
I don't want to talk about it, all right?
Well, d'you wanna cup o'tea?
So,'ave you been sittin' on 'is face all afternoon?
I don't need this
Jesus Christ, I get 'ome from work,
all I want to do is to put me feet up and watch the telly,
not get involved in one of your orgies. D'you know what I mean?
What 'appened to your arm?
Sophie, what's been goin' on?
Have you put the kettle on?
Any chance of a coffee, Louise?
Yeah, sure
These are a very nice pair of shorts
Would you take your 'ands off me, please?
I apologise
Right, pal. 'Ere's your clothes, get your kit on and sling yer 'ook.
'Ere's your shoes, mate
Hope I haven't given you AIDS, Sophie.
- Jesus Christ
- Fuckin' 'ell!! Are you serious?

Merely jesting.
Very funny.
Mind you, I think AIDS is rather healthy in its way.
You what?
I realize that's not the fashionable thing to say, of course.
No. It's not.
But the world is overcrowded, isn't it? It could do with a bit of pruning.
Fuckin' better be jokin'.
You're not going to have children, are you, Louise?
I might do, one day.
I loathe children, I must say
I bet they're not too keen on you, neither
- I'm sure you like fucking, don't you, Louise?
- Are you goin'?