Needful Things

- Little before your time, wasn't he?
- Yeah. I meant the baseball card.

I mean, me and my dad,
we used to collect them.

Topps or Fleers?
Topps. We had a whole collection
of 56 baseball cards.

Al Kaline, Whitey Ford, Roy Campanella,
guys of that caliber?

We have every Yankee
except Mickey Mantle.

I mean, Moose Skowron was over $65.
Skowron is one thing.
Mickey Mantle.
That's got to run $600, $700.

You asked me.
I believe I might have something
that'll make you very happy, Brian.

Stay right here.
My God. Look at my butt.
- I look awful.
- No, you look fabulous.

Pol, you know how...
:09:54're always saying
that I'm not all that serious about us?

This is your camera, right?
I don't look like this.

- I'll commit suicide if I look like this.
- Polly, I...

Will you marry me?
Sure, whenever you're serious about it.
I gotta check Nettie.

Make sure she doesn't burn the French
fries again and put me in the poor house.

I am serious.
Mickey Mantle!
"Topps, 1956."
Signed, "To my good friend Brian. "
Wait a minute. Brian is my name.
That's impossible.

"Best wishes, Mickey Mantle. "
Now, close your eyes, Brian.

Close your eyes.
Now, then. How much would you pay
for this card, Brian?