Poetic Justice

Cousin Isaac, Cousin James,
Cousin Kwame. What's up, bro?

And them kids, I don't know
all their names. Bread-snatchers.

Sitting over here, we got Aunt April,
we got Aunt May and Aunt June.

I call them the Calendar Sisters.
-Look at them.
-Ain't they pretty?

-How y'all doing?
-Yes, sir. How you doing?

Food sure look good over there.
Don't it? Go over and help yourself.
You f amily, ain't you?

-lt's cool?
-You better go get something.

Go ahead with him.
I'm gonna play some cards.

Bye. Look at them.
Don't they make such a cute couple?

-Are you all in love?

Baby, what would you know about love?
How can you be in love
if you don't know nothing about it?

-Just the way things go.
-Are you married?

-How long you been married?

About six months now.
I don't wear it all the time.
You don't mind
if she doesn't wear your ring?

He don't mind.
He can answer f or himself,
if he's a real man.

No, no. I don't mind.
My husband would kill me
if I didn't wear no ring.

-I heard that.
-And I know that's right.

-Damn, you greedy.
-Gotta eat to live.

Well, why you so skinny, then?
Look at the cute baby.
Can I hold her f or you?

Look at you. I heard that.
Give me a burp. That spittle?