All right, guys, line up.
Rudy, take that stupid helmet off.
You're not even playing.

Me and Pete, we're Notre Dame.
You guys, you're Michigan.

Okay, huddle up. Come on.
-Same play. l'll hand it off to you.
-Okay. l got it.

One, two, three, break!
Come on, Rudy.
Get on the ball.

Ready! 42, blow!
Set, hut!
One, 1 000. Two, 1 000.
Oh, no! Oh!
I toId you to cut inside.
Do it right.
Come on, Todd.
Try it again. Let's go.
AII right, Todd. Same thing, okay?
-Let's go. Get on the baII.

I'm sick of being aII-time center.
-I'm sick of being aII-time center.

I toId you five times.
You can't pIay anything
eIse but that.

You're too smaII.
-I can too.
-You guys, I'm going. I'm sorry.

-I gotta go.
-We need you.

-Come on.
-Let Rudy pIay in my pIace.

Good idea, Frank. Let Rudy pIay.
Come on. Why not?
Okay, you can rush the passer.
AII right, Rudy.
We gotta get them.

Okay, Iet's go.
Set, hut!
Get him, Rudy. Get him.
-The snow, for the touchdown.

AII right!
What a spaz.
AII right! We won, guys!
Oh, yeah!