Six Degrees of Separation

Oh! (laughs)
With the kids away,
we get used to less noise.

- Geoffrey is King-Midas rich. Gold mines.
- 70,000 workers in one gold mine alone.

But he's short of cash.
His government won't let its people...

- lts white people.
- ..take out any money.

It's like taking in a war baby.
His call was like a bolt from the blue, as
I had a deal coming up and was short by...

- Two million.
- The figure is superfluous.

I hate when you use
the word "superfluous".

I mean, he needed two million.
We hadn't seen Geoffrey in a long time.

While he might not have the price
of dinner, he might have $2,000,000.

It's the awful thing about
having truly rich friends.

Let's face it, the money does
get in the way. I'll take that one.

Having a rich friend is like drowning
and he makes lifeboats.

Only your friend gets very touchy if you
say one word - lifeboat. That is two words.

We were afraid our friend might say we
were loving him because of his lifeboat.

We weren't sucking up. We like Geoffrey.
- Shouldn't we...?
- Not on your life.

- It was hardly a lifeboat evening.
- Portentous.

But when Geoffrey called
and asked us to take him for dinner,

he made a pattern in life's tea leaves,
because who wants to go to banks?

Why do you stay in South Africa?
One has to stay there
to educate the black workers.

We'll know we've been successful
when they kill us.

- Planning the revolution to destroy you.
- Putting your life on the line.

You don't think of it like that.
I wish you'd visit.

Oh, but we'd visit you
and sit in your gorgeous house,

planning visits to the townships,
demanding to see the poorest of the poor.

"Are you sure they're the worst off?
I mean, we've come all this way."

"We don't want to see people just mildly
victimised by apartheid. We want shock."

It doesn't seem right sitting on
the East Side talking about revolution.