Six Degrees of Separation

Only small, murky cafés
for Pépé le Moko here.

No. No. La Pasionaria. We'll build
barricades and lean against them, singing.

- And the people will follow.
- Follow, follow, follow. What is that song?

It's our role in history,
and we offer ourselves up to it.

It's your role in history, it's not our role.
The Fantasticks.

Follow, follow, follow, follow
A role in history - to say that so easily.
To lead the people. Like Lech Walesa
and the striking shipyard workers.

Gorbachev urging on
the striking coal miners.

The phrase "striking coal miners" -
I always picture these very striking
coal miners modelling the fall fashion.

- Why is there a statue of a husky?
- Another drink before we...?

Where shall we?
God, the restaurants in New York.

It's like Florence in the 16th century -
genius on every corner.

- There's good Szechwan. Hunan.
- (woman laughs)

The sign painter screwed up the sign.
Instead of painting "The Hunan Wok",
he painted "The Human Wok".

- We sent it to The Times.
- They have a joke page, and...

They send you champagne.
We weren't auditioning, but all I could
think was "$2,000,000. $2,000,000".

Like when people say "Don't think
about elephants", it's all you think.

$2,000,000. $2,000,000.
Whatever you do,
don't think about elephants.

- Elephants?
- Ouisa is a Dada manifesto.

About the Cézanne.
Unless we're careful,
it'll be sold and never seen again.

Mid period. Landscape
of a dark green forest.

In the far distance you see the sunlight.
One of his first uses of a pale colour being
forced to carry the weight of the picture.