Six Degrees of Separation

- His shirt's bleeding.
- The shirt isn't bleeding. He's bleeding.

Sorry. I get this way around blood.
No! My God, not on the rug, please.
Eddie, get the doctor.

No. No. I'll survive.
No doctors. Please?
All right, Eddie. We'll call you.
Thank you, Eddie.
(stranger) I don't mind the money.
But in the age of mechanical reproduction,
they got the only copy of my thesis.

Ouisa, where's the first-aid book?
The Red Cross advises
"Press edges of wound firmly together."

- Yes, I'm doing that.
- (screams)

Hold on. Ouisa, I need gauze.
- It's been wonderful seeing you.
- No. Stay.

My time is so short.
Before I leave America, I really should...

- Did you see the new book on Cézanne?
- Er, no. May I use the phone?

An absolute revelation.
I ran down the hall...
$2,000,000. $2,000,000.
:11:21 the book on Cézanne,
got the gauze from the kitchen,

gave the Cézanne to Flan,
and the gauze to Geoffrey.

$2,000,000. $2,000,000.
It's a lovely book.
I'll get him a clean shirt. Please stay.

- And peace was restored.
- And then...

Your children said you were kind.
All the kids were sitting around the dorm
dishing the... shit out of their parents.

But your kids were silent. They said
"No. Not our parents. Not Flan and Ouisa."