Six Degrees of Separation

- He chased the burglar out.
- He didn't steal anything.

- We looked.
- Top to bottom. Nothing gone.

- This does not seem major now...
- Look.

- We are very busy.
- You can't chuck us out.

Come up with some charges,
then I can do something.

- Yes, there is another chapter.
- Our kids came down from Harvard.

The details he knew -
how would he know about the painting?

Although I think it's a very fine Kandinsky.
And none of you know this fellow?
He has this wild quality, yet an elegance.
A real concern. And a real consideration.

(girl) Mom, you should have let him stay.
You should have divorced all your
children and just let this dreamboat stay.

- Plus, he sent you flowers.
- And jam.

If only we could just get in touch with
his father, find out if there's any truth in it.

Who knows Sidney Poitier?
We could just call him up and ask.

- I have a friend who does theatrical law...
- What friend?

- It's nobody.
- I want to know.

- Oh. Oh. Oh.
- Nobody! Nobody!

- I don't want to know.
- Larkin! This is not the time to do this!

Mom, Dad, please! For once! Please!
(woman) It's got nothing
to do with you, Ben.

When you see your little sister, don't tell
her that Paul and the hustler used her bed.

You put him in that bed.
I'm not getting involved in any conspiracy.
It's not a conspiracy!
Hello, Alf. It's a family.

The imagination.