Six Degrees of Separation

We let him into our lives.
I run a foundation,
you're a dealer, you're a doctor.

You'd think we'd be satisfied.
Agatha Christie would ask
"What do we all have in common?"

It seems the common thread linking us all
is a need to be in the movie of Cats.

Our kids, struggling through their lives.
I don't want to know anything
about the spillover of their lives.

All we have in common is, our children
went to boarding school together.

- Why have we never met?
- His mother had custody. I lived out West.

After Doug graduated high school,
she moved West, I moved East.

- I think we should drop it right here.
- Are you afraid Ben is mixed up in this?

- I don't wanna know too much about him.
- You think Ben is hiding things from us?

I'm getting to the bottom of it. My son has
no involvements with any black frauds.

- Doctor, you said something about crack.
- No, that just leapt out. No proof.

Good God, no proof!
We'll take a vote. Do we pursue this, no
matter what we find out about our kids?

- I vote yes.
- Me too.

- I trust Doug.
- No.

Listen to this last page. "We have hidden
too much from our modern children."

"When we are scared,
we tend not to let them know."

"They see the bravest, toughest, and
most impenetrable visage we can muster,

precisely at those times
when we are most afraid."

"We called it making it better for our
children, protecting them. From what?"

"The truth is what we were
protecting those little people from."

What did you do next?
- Went to Harvard.
- To enlist our children.