Six Degrees of Separation

Nobody is accusing anyone of anything.
I'm asking you to do a detective search.
Find out from your high- school class

if anyone has met a black kid
pretending to be a movie star's son.

He promised you parts in Cats?
It wasn't just that, it was fun!
You went to Cats. You said it was an
all-time low in a lifetime of theatregoing.

- Film is a different medium.
- You said "Aeschylus didn't invent theatre

to have it end up a bunch of chorus kids
wondering who will go to kitty heaven."

- I don't remember saying that.
- That was Starlight Express.

Maybe he'll make a movie of that
and you can all be on roller skates.

- This is so humiliating!
- So pathetic!

- So racist.
- It's not racist!

- If I remember correctly, you loved Cats.
- I hated it!

Here is a copy of your yearbook. Get the
phone numbers of everyone in your class.

How can I contact anyone from
high school? I've outgrown them.

How can you outgrow them?
You graduated last year.

Charge the calls to my phone.
- Never!
- This is the KGB!

You're always on the phone. Now I ask
you to make calls, you become reticent?

This is the entire McCarthy period.
- I just wanna get one thing straight.
- Finally we hear from the peanut gallery.

You gave him my pink shirt? You gave
a complete stranger my pink shirt?!

That shirt was
a Christmas present from you!

I treasured that shirt! I loved that shirt!
My collar has grown from weightlifting.
You saw my arms had grown,

you saw my neck had grown, and you
bought me that shirt for my new body!

I loved that shirt! My first shirt for my
new body, and you gave that shirt away?!

I can't believe you!
I hate this life, and I hate you!

- You never do anything for me!
- You block me.

I'm a pathetic extension
of your eighth-rate personality.

Social Darwinism
pushed beyond all limits!