Sleepless in Seattle

He sells the best soup ever and
he is the meanest man in America.

- I feel strongly about this.
- Do it.

Neww Year's Eve. I wwon't wwrite it.
Listen: "Phone service wwas
tied up Christmas Eve -

- wwhen a kid called the radio
and said his dad needs a neww wwife."

2.000 wwomen wwanted his number.
I heard it. This kid calls up, -
- and the shrink forces
the father to talk about it.

Suddenly he starts talking -
- about howw he fell in love wwith her
like these cowws in Michigan.

The cowws that got zapped by stray
voltage. Maybe it wwas Wisconsin.

Anywway, I wwas listening to him,
and suddenly I wwas crying.

Like wwhen I see the ad -
- wwhere the daughter gives her mum
the refrigerater wwith a red boww.

- Or the twwo kids at the party ...
- Making an album for Grandfather

That kills me
Write about it. Whatever it is.
2,000 wwomen calling for a husband?
Women are desperate for love.

- Especially over a certain age.
- It's hard to get married over 40.

- That statistic is not true.
- But it feels true.