The only one that really mattered
was the first one.

That was the toughest one
for you, right?

First one?
Seventy-four, that's...
a lot of faces to carry around.
Yeah, well.
You put them in the back of your mind...
and you just keep on going.
Until they decide
not to stay in the back of your mind.

You may find this hard to believe...
but l'd take a nice office
on the Hill over this shit any day.

Sitting in an office,
giving other men orders to kill...

ain't no different than putting
a bullet in a man's heart.

Let me tell you something.
lt's the same goddamn thing.
- You hear that?
- An AK.

- l know that hammer recoil.
- Yeah.

And l think l know
who that single shot is.

He's behind us.
Who is this guy?
l think he's the guy
that killed Papich.

lt ain't the first time
he's been on my trail.

He's a Panamanian l trained.
His name's DeSilva.
Now he's a fucking mercenary.