Swing Kids

Peter. Good.
I wanted to have
a word with you.

We'll go in a moment.
Yes, sir.

- Where are we going?
- Oh, nowhere.

I just wanted to tell you...
that the reports on your
progress have been very good.

Your training sits well on you.
- How do you feel?
- Fine. I feel very well.

I'm most gratified.
I knew you would take to it.

I was also thinking
about your grandmother.

Maybe what you all need
is a trip to the country.

The strength through joy

provides these vacations,
you know.

I could submit an application.
What do you think?

Then I will arrange for it.

Thank you.
It's my pleasure.
That's everything.

I just wanted to tell you
how pleased I am...

and keep up the good work.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Uh, there's one more thing.
I think it would be wise...
if you stopped working
for that bookseller.

- What's his name?
- Herr Schumler.

What has he done?
- What did you do for him?
- I just delivered books.

Didn't it seem
at all strange to you?

Don't most people come to
pick out books for themselves?

It was for old people
who couldn't go out.

How did you know
they were just books?

Did you ever open them?
It's better to know...
what you're agreeing to,

before you become
part of something.

It was just a job.
We need the money.

Of course.
if you did
go back and check...

and it turns out
that there's nothing...

well, then, you might help
to clear him.