Swing Kids

He's always
giving instructions.

Hey, swing boy!
Thomas? Ha ha ha!
What are you doing here?
Did you think I'd let you have
all this fun by yourself?

This is not going to be fun.
You shouldn't have done this.

Well, you'd have done
the same thing.

We can't let them
split us apart.

Anyway, think about it.
It's the perfect cover...

H.J. By day,
swing kids by night.

You look ridiculous.
Come on.
The German people
once again rest easy...

that there is nothing to fear
from within.

But let them not rest too easy.
Like a plague,
the Jewish infestation...

stays ready
to strike a death blow...

to the heart
of Germany's resurgence.

The Jew cares nothing
for Germany.

From early childhood,
its young are taught...

to follow the lead
of the Jewish elders...

whose stranglehold
on the world's economy...

Germany has only now
started to break.

Flat foot floogee
with the floy floy

Floy doy, floy doy,
floy doy

Ha ha.
Don't let us interrupt you,
swing boy. Keep dancing.

Hey, what you got there?
Oh, Benny Goodman.
I was right about you. You're
just a bunch of Jew lovers.