Tao xue wei long zhi long guo ji nian

Officer Chan.
What's the matter?
I don't think my husband is my husband.
I don't understand.
Officer Lai found my missing husband.
He looks like my husband.
I have found that,
he isn't my husband.
Officer Lai has found you a husband
who is not your husband.
But you've found that your husband
isn't your husband.

He is not my husband.
So you are suspecting
that he is fake although

he is like your husband.
I think so.
You should ask Officer Lai.
I have called him.
But, I don't know whether
it's Officer Lai or not,

He told me that my present husband
is my husband.
That Officer Lai, you don't know
whether he is true or not,

he told you,
Your present husband is your real husband?
I think so.
I have a suggestion.
Go home and take a bath,
and drink a cup of hot milk.

Come to see Officer Lai
early tomorrow morning.

Then you will discover that,
your husband is your husband again.
Are you suspecting me?
Don't you trust me?

Don't you think I am idiot?
I think so.
He is fake.
I am fake too.
Actually I am Andy Lau,
I pretended to be Officer Chan.

Now, it's 30 minutes passed 12.
Oh, it's the first day of
the Lunar New Year.

Happy New Year.
What are you doing? Officer Chan?
- That's it, bye bye.
- I haven't finished.

Bye bye.
You are great, my dear classmate.
Kung Hei Fat Choi!
You are making a dead set at me.
She is rich,
she will sue us, you know?
But we are carrying law and justice.
You misjudge righteousness!
How dare you push me?
Go to hell.
So what?
How dare you hit me?
I will kill you!
Officer Chan, I have lost my lighter.
Why your eyes are so black?
I don't have enough sleep, that's it.
Mrs. Wong, Kung Hei Fat Choi.
Good luck, good bye.
Anyway, happy anything to you.
All are crazy!