Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

Hey, dudes, check it out!
We're in "Shogun"!
Hey, where'd we get
these clothes?

These guys are pretty serious.
How do you steer this thing?
There's no steering
wheel on mine.

You're lucky! Mine doesn't
even have a head!

Watch out for the people!
Don't these things
ever run out of gas?

I think I swallowed a frog.
Hope it wasn't an ancestor.
That was fun.
Well, at least
the time travel worked.

We're here five minutes,
and already we lost...

one brother,
the magic scepter...

Our dignity...
And no April.
Hey, where's Mikey?
Last time I saw him,
he was doing this...

Jeez, what else could happen?
Whoa, Buttermilk!
Good horsey! Good horsey!
Who turned out the lights?
I think I saw this
on "Bonanza" once.