The Pelican Brief

You're assuming it broke down.
We have two dead judges, both of whom
were being protected by the FBl.

Bob, I'd like a straight answer.
Are these killings in any way
linked to the CIA...

...or to any other agency
of the United States government?

I'm shocked you'd think that.
Bob, just look into it, okay?
I suggest we meet back here at five.
Five, gentlemen.
Thank you.

It's rally-around-the-leader time.
Your approval ratings will go
through the roof.

That's the weather in New Orleans.
This is Tim Bellew.

We interrupt our program now
for a special bulletin.

In a special address,
live from the White House...

... the President of the United States.
My fello w Americans...
...our country has suffered
a grievous loss.

Last night...
... Supreme Court Justices
Rosenberg and Jensen...

... were assassinated.
These assassinations may be an
attempt to strike at the very fabric...

...of our government.
But I can assure each...
...and every American...
... that these dastardly acts
will not go unpunished.

:15:29 being and will be done
to bring the culprit...

...or culprits to justice.
For justice must...
...and shall prevail.
I wish you could have known him
when I used to clerk for him.

Last time I saw him,
only the mind was left.

That's why they killed him.
That mind was still a threat.
But why kill him now,
when he had so little time left?