Warlock: The Armageddon

I'm interested in
one of your pieces.

You don't look like the kind of man
who would wear a dress.

Jewelry, perhaps.
Ancient, my favorite.
Perfect choice.
It's not for sale.
I have no intention
of buying it.

You're going to steal it?
You're going to give it to me...
freely and willingly.

Those are the rules.
Men have no rules.
I'm not a man...
I'm a witch.

- A warlock.
- You mock me.

You still doubt me?
That you're really Merlin?
Maybe just a bit.

I can prove it.
All right,
cast a spell or something...

and I might consider
giving you the stone.

- How's that for a deal?
- Follow me.

Take over for me, darling.
I think I'm in love.

I reveal my power,
you give me the stone.

That's the deal.
Faust would be proud.
Take my hand.
Are you going to turn me
into a frog or something?

Something much better.
(woman gasps)